Swiss Cheeses Include:

Moser Screamer (Fette Berta)
A full-flavored triple cream produced by Ueli Moser in Northwestern Switzerland. Truly an indulgence in your mouth. 

Red Witch (Rote Hexe)
Created for February when people in Switzerland celebrate the festival of Carnival of Basel (Baler Fasnacht) in Basel and dress up in costume. The Red Witch has a deep red rind. Crafted by Christian Oberli of raw milk and then aged. The flavor is full with a little sharpness on the finish. Red Witch would be a great melting cheese as well.

Cinderella (organic)
Truly an original cheese by Jakob Beer in Northwestern Switzerland, the Cinderella is infused with sea salt from Cyprus that is blackened with medicinal charcoal. It's a hard paste that somehow just melts in your mouth with a little salty bite. Named after Cinderella who used to sweep up the charcoal cinders from the fireplace.

Godit Thoenen from Eastern Switzerland crafts this awesome raw milk cheese and then covers the wheels in fresh and dried herbs. The cheese is then aged in the cellar for half of a year. The herbs are on the outside but they infuse the wheel with wonderful aromas and taste. 

Another raw milk original from Otto Wartmann in Northeastern Switzerland. These wheels are only 9lbs. in weight and are aged in a former beer cellar. The flavors are full and strong. The Holzhof farm in Bissegg produces their own electricity and is very self-sustaining even feeding whey to the pigs and often producing more electricity from the manure than they need.

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Our cheese selection comes from around the world to bring the best to Ormond Beach. While we have our staples and customer favorites, we aren't afraid to experiment with bringing new discoveries.

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Cheese of the Month

Mountain Cheeses Of Switzerland

Meats, Paté and Tapas:

  • Creminelli, La Quercia and Fra'Mani Dry Salames
  • Duck, Pork, Chicken Mousse and Paté
  • Fermin Cured Meats
  • Duck Leg Confit
  • Spanish Tapas of Mussels, Octopus, Tuna and Sardines

Cheese Selections

Our staples include:

  • Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Provolone
  • Aged Gouda
  • Irish Cheddar
  • Manchego
  • French Double Creams
  • Triple Cream Blue
  • Goat's Milk
  • Gruyere
  • Fontina Valle d'Aosta